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We are the leading agency in Performance Marketing in Latin America

Advertising Online based on Results. We help you connect with your customers, wherever they are, in real time, when they are looking for your products, or have the right profile.
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Search Engine Marketing and Display Advertising

Since our launch in 2004, we have served +20 Billion impressions, generated +100 Million visits to our clients’ websites, and we have completed +3 millions of Conversions.

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Digital Analytics

We have successfully implemented Web Analytics Tools such as GTM and GA4 in more than 200 Properties, between Web Sites and Mobile Applications.

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Mobile Search

We measure the performance of new advertising formats in real time. Did you know that 50% of customers who buy through mobile phones, does it less than an hour after a search?

18+ years Campaign experience

Offices in Buenos Aires, Lima, Mexico and Miami
+500 Clients at Local, Regional and Global Level

Founded in 2004 by pioneers in the Internet Industry, Resultics is the first agency in Latin America dedicated to Performance Marketing, and the first agency to obtain the "Google Partner" Certification in the region. We have helped more customers grow their businesses through digital channels and optimize their online media investment. All of our campaign operators are certified in the management of the most recognized Performance Marketing Platforms in the market.

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