Training sessions in Mar del Plata: “Foundation for growth in the digital age”

The CEO of Resultics, Gustavo Saientz, together with Digital House, will participate in the training on Digital Marketing for ADEPA, Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities.

On Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 April will take place in Mar del Plata the 3rd Training Days for directors and media editors of the Province of Buenos Aires, organized by Adepa and the Buenos Aires media Secretariat. This year the central axis will be: “Foundation for growth in the digital era”.

Wednesday 25 will be the inauguration of the activities, in charge of Guillermo Ignacio, president of the Strategic Committee of Adepa, and Mariano Mohadeb, secretary of Media of the Province of Buenos Aires.
Then the training workshops will begin, the first of them on “Digital Marketing for Media”, by Nelson Duboscq, CEO of Digital House and Gustavo Saientz, CEO of Resultics and Professor at Digital House. Then, Lisandro Conticello, Performance Manager of Perfil Digital, will speak about “Programmatic Ecosystem and new income channels: digital advertising”.

The days will extend until Thursday 26 covering other topics of interest and with other speakers from the industry.